karmameju meicellar water star

  • karmameju meicellar water star

Micellar Water Cleanser 02 Star 200 ml

A BEAUTY PIONEER 3-IN-1 ORGANIC MICELLAR WATER. EASY MAKEUP REMOVER AND 'LEAVE ON' CLEANSING PRODUCT IN A BASE OF ORGANIC ALOE VERA, ORGANIC BITTER ORANGEFLOWER WATER AND THE DERSERT PLANT ROSE OF JERICHO / for all skin types, beneficial for sensitive skin and eye area This 3-in-1 product is formulated to cleanse, tone and hydrate your skin. STAR is a gentle and effective micellar water, removing impurities and make-up with an easy swipe. The spherical liquid micelles attract dirt and oil, whilst organic Aloe Vera and organic Bitter Orange flower water soothe, tone and soften the skin. Remarkable Rose of Jericho is known to provide protective, moisture-retentive, and reparative benefits. Used topically it leaves the skin smooth and soft like silk. Use at home or on the go, rinsing off is optional.

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