karmameju facemoisturiser grace

  • karmameju facemoisturiser grace

Face Moisturiser 01 Grace 50 ml

A POWERFUL BLEND OF ANTIOXIDANT-RICH ACTIVES AND NOURISHING PURE ESSENTIAL OILS TO HYDRATE, REPLENISH & PROTECT DRY AND MATURE SKIN. AGE-DEFENCE Face Moisturiser 01, Regenerate / Dry skin Protect, replenish and restore dry and mature skin with this powerful blend of antioxidant-rich lipids and pure essential oils. Sandalwood, Rose and Elemi stimulate tissue regeneration to restore firmness and elasticity, while Rosehip, Argan and Helichrysum oils combine with extracts of Bitter Orange and Maca to assist cellular cohesion, enhancing the skin's natural capacity to retain water. Use daily to deeply nourish and rejuvenate, leaving skin plump, soft and radiant.

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